Easy Setup

No complicated installation, and our staff is involved in every aspect (no 3rd party installers) of the setup. 

The Right Equipment

We offer cameras that are efficient, innovative,High quality and rich in features designed to work with our Camview360 Solution, and most importantly,Provide the analytics and video your elders deserve.

Polished With Care

The Camview360 product and services have been carefully designed to facilitate elder care.   Designed and managed by people that were seeking a solution for similar situations. 

Cloud Based

Video & Analytics Services for the Elder Care Community


We are all creatures of habit and that includes seniors that would like to retain their independence and live in their own homes for as long as it is feasible and safe.   Careview360 offers solutions that offer peace of mind to the family and early alert systems in the event that their loved one should require assistance.

In addition to extending independence in the home, Careview360 offers solutions to elder care facilities and assisted living communities that are committed to providing top quality care and safety.

Million Seniors
Living in the United States (65 or Older)
Million Projected
Over the course of the next 5-7 years.
Million Beds in 2019
Projected 40 million required by 2030
Years and older
Suffer Abuse and Neglect 2X to 3X

A Solution For Every Aspect

Elder Care & Home Safety


Fall Detection

Detects and alerts via SMS/Text if the individual falls. 


Detects and alerts via SMS/Text
if the individual is inactive or in the same
position for a period of hours.
Settings can be customized

Visitor Alert

Detects and alerts via SMS/text  if another person enters the room.

Restricted Areas

Detects and alerts if the elderly person goes to a predefined area of the room

Medicine Access

Detects and alerts via SMS/Text if the individual does not access their medicines or does so outside of the prescribed hours.  

Caring and Friendly Support

Camview360 is available to help with any and all questions you have as well as any special requirements that are unique to your situation/facility.  

Access / Exit / Entry

Detects and alerts if the individual
leaves the front/back door after a scheduled
Time. Alerts and counts the number of entrances and
exits of the bathroom.

Statistics & Percentages

Elder Care in the United States


These statistics were generated using data from the following sources. AARP Beyond, American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.  

Elders that Reported Abuse in 2018
Injuries and or death caused by falls.
Older Population with Long Term Care Needs




James Aubertin

We searched a considerable amount of time for a solution that would allow us to watch over caregivers that were in our home. While a variety of solutions are available on the market none offered the collection of features and notifications that gave us the piece of mind as Camview360.

Paul Thompson

In addition to the capabilities that Camview360 offered, it was the sincerity and passion of their team that stood out for our family.

Price list


Tier 1

$ 45
/ Month
1 Camera
Standard Analytics
*Fall Detection
*Exit Door Detection
*If the residents gets 2 cameras with standard analytics the price is $80 per month.

Tier 2

$ 60
/ Month
1 Camera
Expanded Analytics
*Fall Detection
*Exit Door Detection
*Bathroom Entry
*Medicine Access
*If the residents gets 2 cameras with expanded analytics the price is $105 per month.

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