Supported Cameras

Compatible Cameras - HikVision Logo

One of the largest manufacturers of IP cameras in the world, Hikvision offers a large number of cameras, including many cameras priced for the entry-level buyer.

  • DS-2CD2512F-W
  • DS-2CD2412F-IW

Compatible Cameras - Axis Logo

Axis is widely seen as a leader in IP cameras for consumers and small businesses. CAMVIEW360 supports any Axis camera with firmware versions 5.x or higher. As part of our integration with Axis, we offer an auto-setup feature that automatically configures the Axis camera for use with CAMVIEW360. 


  • M1004-W
  • M1114-E
  • M1014
  • M5013

Sony offers a large number of IP cameras, many of which are targeted at higher end commercial applications. They do offer several entry level cameras, including their C Series and XM631/2 cameras.

  • SNC-CX600(W)
  • SNC-XM631/2

D-Link is one of the most recognizable home networking brands and their IP cameras integrate well with CAMVIEW360. They have numerous cost-effective, high-quality camera that include popular features such as night-vision, along with the ability to upload video to the cloud (rather than image snapshots only).

  • DCS-942L
  • DCS-930L
  • DCS-931L
  • DCS-2332L

Foscam is a wildly popular camera for residential and small business users. CAMVIEW360 supports the entire line of Foscam cameras.

  • FI9821W
  • FI9805W
  • FI8910W
  • FI8905W