Frequently asked questions


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How do I become a CAMVIEW360 Dealer/Client?

It's simple and easy. Complete the Client Application form found under our Client Page tab. A CAMVIEW360 representative will contact you within 24 hours. 

Is there a fee to become a Dealer/Client of CAMVIEW360?

There is no fee to become a Dealer/Client of CAMVIEW360. If your company wants a fully branded web portal and branded mobile applications (both Android and iOS), there is a one time fee.

Can I manage all of my customers installed IP cameras from the web portal?

Yes, from your web portal you will have the ability to manage and troubleshoot all of your customer's IP cameras.

Do you guarantee support for every hikvision camera?

No. We've tested several of their cameras and have found strong compatability with CAMVIEW360, including the ones listed on our Supported Cameras page.

Do you support every axis camera?

We support any Axis camera with firmware version 5.x or higher. Models with 5.5 or greater firmware have the option to capture both video and image recordings, while cameras using version 5.4 or lower have image capture mode only. The models listed on under Axis on our Supported Cameras page are some of their most popular in the industry.

What if my camera(s) are not listed on the supported list?

The CAMVIEW360 Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Platform was designed to support any IP Camera. Please contact us if you don't see your camera(s) on the supported list. 

Does CAMVIEW360 sell directly to the end user(s)?

No, CAMVIEW360 sells exclusively to Dealers, Integrators, Audio and Video Providers, IP Telephony Providers, etc. End Users who contact CAMVIEW360 will be directed to a local CAMVIEW360 Dealer/Client. 

Can I buy cameras directly from CAMVIEW360?

Yes, CAMVIEW360 has relationships with distributors and manufacturer's and will provide the full turn key solution to our clients


Yes. you need to port forward both the HTTP and RTSP ports. We've provided a straightforward network setup guide that explains how to do this. Keep in mind if you want to access your camera from outside your network this will be a necessity.

What IP Cameras are supported?

CAMVIEW360 supports a wide variety of IP cameras. Our premium cameras are defined as having a complete automated install on CAMVIEW360. These include, Axis, Sony, Foscam and webcams. Other IP cameras typically require a couple of extra steps to setup (D-Link, Trendnet, Hikvision, etc)

When evaluating other IP cameras to deploy with CAMVIEW360, there are 2 main criteria and specifications to confirm with other IP cameras:

  1. FTP - CAMVIEW360 uses the FTP to transmit the video or images. Check that your camera supports FTP of either images or video.
  2. A stream, either RTSP or MJPEG - You can then add a camera in CAMVIEW360 that is either Generic H.264 (for an RTSP stream) or Generic MJPEG